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Subject: BEWARE Ato Immigration Services Wanli
  This is to urge ANYONE in the Vancouver Area to Research ATO Immigration Services before doing business with this organization. It is run by M.B. Wanli... Research the Better Business Bureau of Vancouver Area. Look up in civil courts with this company and owner. Contact other governmental agencies… BEWARE. BEWARE. BEWARE. Anyone who is a victim should contact the proper authorities.

Anderson Randall
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You don´t sound like an immigrant at all. Is there a base for you not being satisfied with these guys, or just negative advertising against one of your competitors?!?


victim (in reply to: BEWARE Ato Immigration Services Wanli)

Not a competitor at all, quite the opposite, I am a victim. Myself and dozens have been injured by ATO IMMIGRATION SERVICES... and M.B. Wanli. also known as Mohammed Wanli. Do the research for yourself. Check the Civil and criminal courts of BC. Check the law society of BC. Check with every agency you can find that will give you information. My only recourse as a victim of his activities is to contact the proper authorities and to warn others. My wish and intent is to prevent anyone else from being injured by this man.

Anderson Randall
ATO IMMIGRATION SERVICES - M. B. Wanli (in reply to: BEWARE Ato Immigration Services Wanli)
Wanli tells people he worked for US Immigration. He has NEVER worked for ANY immigration organization. He is a CRIMINAL in the US. Feel free to check the authorities. DO NOT ALLOW him to explain this away. If your instincts tell you there is something wrong, TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. Contact the authorities. BEWARE, BEWARE, BEWARE. My hope is to prevent others from being injured. PLEASE spread the word.
Anderson Randall
Wanli (in reply to: BEWARE Ato Immigration Services Wanli)
This man is a very bad man. He stole money, ($3000.00) from a very poor lady. She has no money to sue him. I am glad someone else is speaking up. More people should talk to the police about this Wanli. Do not use this man.
Wanli (in reply to: BEWARE Ato Immigration Services Wanli)
First of all Uniden, ATO Immigration ads claim that they specialize in "US/Canada Immigration matters" (you can see the ad for yourself on hence alot of his clients are US citizens and that could be the reason why Anderson "doesn´t sound like an immigrant". Secondly, I keep seeing all of these posts all over the internet saying that they are yet another victim of ATO Immigration/Mohammed Wanli. I urge people to REPORT TO THEIR LOCAL AUTHORITIES and come forward if this man has victimized you. There are far more productive things that can be done than talking about it on here. Contact the BBB, BC Law Society, CSIC, immigration, local police, a lawyer, etc if this man has stolen things or practiced as a consultant or lawyer.
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This is all true. ATO is a blackmailer. He pretends to be an immigration agent to get personal information on you for the purposes of blackmail. $3000 is nothing. He´s stolen ten times that amount from a client.
another victim (in reply to: BEWARE Ato Immigration Services Wanli)
I am another victin of mr Wanli, but i have contacted authorities and hopefuly criminal charge will be laid against him.
Milan (in reply to: BEWARE Ato Immigration Services Wanli)
If Any one is a victim of Mohammed B. Wanli check out

Check it out immediately!!!!

Mohammed B. Wanli Arrested (in reply to: BEWARE Ato Immigration Services Wanli)
Mohammed WANLI of ATO Immigration Services was arrested.

On April 23, 2008 members of the Vancouver Police Department Financial Crime Section took WANLI into custody.

9 counts of FRAUD have been laid by Commercial Crime Crown Counsel.

Crown Counsel is requesting that the charged/accused be remanded/held in jail until trial.


Financial Crime Squad
Vancouver Police Department
312 Main Street
Vancouver BC V6A2T2

Art Buchanen
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My Morning Rant

What gets me when these posts come up from time to time the victims appear so angel like, WHY?

When one gets involved with someone doing Immigration Business out of their own residence do not the majority have warning bells going off in their heads?

When anyone recommends something that sounds too good to be true does not warning bells go off?

I have always said check and get references.
I have always said check the representatives reputation.
I have always said check whether or not they are authorized and for the last four years CIC has even posted that on their web site.

I got interviewed on Friday by the Globe and Mail for an article regarding MOC´s about a Marriages of Convenience. The reporter Bill Currey asked why do people enter into a MOC and pay so much money. I replied they do that because they have no other way of getting in as easily!!!!!!!!!

The issue here is the same, (most) of these people who have [allegedly] been defrauded knew that what was being promised was highly unlikely unless someone did something under the table.


When someone asks a simple question as to why the posting like Uniden did answer the question. WHO IS ANDERSON RANDALL?????????? MOTIVE?


With the internet and all the other information sources out there these angelic victims had to be aware of more details then what they are letting on.

No one can solve all immigration clients problems and this forum is a test of that.

Some try to bend the rules too far.

How many questions on residency requirements have been posted here.

How many questions about bringing their partner into Canada as a single visitor and then submitting the spousal sponsorship are there?


Why were these buyers not being aware of the circumstances.

A con needs someone gullible enough or greedy enough to be conned.