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Subject: Sponsor my Parents (Processed in Canada)
  how long does it take if i sponsor my parents to live in canada here with me.

i will process it myself so a friend told me it falls to Processed in Canda. can anyone inform me about processing times.. and i heard that CPC Mis. stopped processing. did they resume already? any improvements?


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Jamie if you love your parents do not do this yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although this is the correct way to do it based on your parents country of origin it is risky.

What your writing about is the most satisfying aspects of this business but you need to have a lot of knowledge to do it correctly.

You need to know the IP 5 manuals inside and out and you need to read the www.sponsoryourparents.ca web site. On that site they quote certain sections of the IRPA that the government is not complying with.

You also have to make it PERSONAL based on your own parents circumstances.

You need to back it up with all kinds of quotes from former Ministers of Immigration and politicians when they write or speak about Family Reunification being the cornerstone of the Immigration act.

Your parents have to comply with the IP5 section 5.1 - 6.7 - 6.8 and most important section 5.26 which states the applicant (your parents) bear the onus of sastisfying the decision maker. Officers do not have to go looking for H&C factors if you do not present them properly.

You have to show what was anticipated by the act and its authors and you have to start from the beginning. Anything any politician has said in the past like the governments clear intention is to treat all applicants fairly (Denise Codere) has been removed from the www.cic.gc.ca web site since the Liberals lost.

Think it over Jamie. Hire someone with experience in the H&C area and make sure his/her submissions are at least 40 pages with lots of supporting attachments.

Good Luck


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They will transfer your parents file to the local office if the submissi0ons are good. Depending on how many failed refugee claimants get married at the last second -- before the PRRA -- processing times should be 18 months to 24 months. Operation memo 018


You can check processing times of the main www.cic.gc.ca site on quick links In Canada applications.


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