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Subject: questions about sponsorship
  Ok, I have a couple of questions for you guys...
Here´s my situation: I´m a Canadian citizen, my boyfriend is a UK citizen with a university degree but no relevant work experience. I live in Ontarion. I´ve heard that it takes quite a while to get in under the worker class, and he´d also have to have a year´s work experience to qualify (work over there is proving difficult to find). I have a stable job here as a nurse, and I want to get married so I can sponsor him over here. Here are my questions:

1) Does it matter if we get married here in Canada or in the UK?
2) How long does it typically take for the process to be complete (he really wants to be able to work here - but he doesn´t want to wait 8 months to a year to be able to do so).
3) What income requirements do I have in terms of being able to sponsor him?

Any information would be helpful - I´m finding all the info on the CIC website to be very confusing.

Canadian girl

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Have you been living together more than a year?

If yes - apply as common-law partner, go to You can do it in Canada if he is already here (takes 8 months and no, he can´t work until then) or in the UK (takes less time, I think about 5 months).

If no - get married now and apply as a spouse. Apply within Canada or from the UK, takes the same length of time as above (it´s exactly the same process, but you need one or the other status to apply - married or common-law).

Forget skilled worker, wait list from London is 4 years and he´d screwed without relevant experience. Doesn´t matter where you get married but if he comes here and you apply inland, he can´t work for 8 months (unless he qualifies for a bunac visa, which can´t be extended - google it!) - oh, and he can´t leave Canada either. Then he can apply for a work permit while the final paperwork is sorted out, and he should get PR after about 12-18 months.

On the plus side, there is no income requirement for this category!

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