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Subject: Self employed working visas
Can anybody tell me if there is such a category?

If so and you started a successful venture in this visa period, can you apply for permanent residency while in Canada and extend your visa period also while there so you wouldnt have to leave Canada and ruin your successful self employment?

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Cetain countries have an OPEN work permit type application with foreign affairs of Canada. They may call it a Holiday Working Visa or some other similair type name but like all things it is a temporary visa application and not a permanent visa application.

See the UK site and it is there.


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Thanks Roy, i understand that but my point is if i could go on a working visa ( 12 months ) and i became or was self employed from the beginning on that working visa could i apply for permanent residency while in Canada during/after my 12 months or would i have to leave and apply back in England thus ruining my self employed business in Canada? Meaning do they make exceptions regarding this? as long as you qualify with the rest of the requirements as regards permanent residency of course.
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There is a self-employed category but it is very restrictive in its scope.

Depending on the particular type of sel-employment and your net worth and etc. etc. etc. certain PNP applications may work in your favour. Depending on which province you set up your self-employment depends on rather or not you can get a PNP certificate.

I can not tell you to overstay on a work permit/student permit/visitor visa etc. but it does not make you inadmissable it will probably prevent you from obtaining a US visitor visa to attend an interview if you submit in Buffalo.



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