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Subject: Taking US Honda Accord 2001 to Canada
  Hi Guys,

Want to know if somebody is trying to take Honda Accord to Canada when migrating. What are the conversions needed? I know that odometer is to be converted into kilometers. My Honda accord has electronic LCD speedometer, which I think should not be difficult to convert. I think there must be some switch or something to be flipped or may be some kind of code to be changed in onboard computer. Any guidance will be appreciated.

Also can somebody tell me the approx cost for the conversions. I want see if it is worthwhile to take the car to Canada.

Thanks a lot.

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I don´t know the specifics for your vehicle, but for all vehicles you will also need DRL (Daytime Running Lights) everywhere you will try to register in Canada.

Though very similar, each Canadian province has its own rules and regulations. I would check with their Gov. websites.

While searching a few months ago, I found and bookmarked this website. It should answer some or all of your questions:


Good Luck!


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