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Subject: In-Canada applicant landing and US visa

I am a permanent resident in Canada. Currently, I am in the process of applying for US visitor visa. In the US visa application form, one of the question is "have you ever been denied visa to US?"

The question is: I did my landing in Canada by road (as i was an in-Canada applicant). During the landing process, i was made to go to the US Immigration post on the other side of the border, and there i was issued a paper stating "denied entry to US". Does, this mean that i have to indicate in the US visa application form that i have been denied VISA to US once?

Thanks in advance for any pointers!


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US immigration officers returned you to the Canadian side and you were denied entry because you were "INADMISSIBLE". This does not qualify as "denied entry to the US" as in "apply for an immigrant or non-immigrant visa and have your application denied, implicitly denying your entry to the US".

Of course, in a loose interpretation, or based on paranoia and obsession to always say the truth and nothing but the truth on a US immigration form, you may check the box that you have been indeed denied entry to the US, but I do not recommend doing it. Actually, the US side is very familiar with the Canadian landing procedures, returning landing immigrants to the Canadian side of the border on a regular basis as "Inadmissible". If you would have asked them, the US officers would have told you that your denied entry to the US will not be recorded and will not affect future applications for US visas or US visits.

This is not just me saying that, is based on many postings in many other forums that I have visited.

Good Luck!


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I think Uniden gave good answer. By the definition, you didn´t apply for US Visa and were rejected by the US consulate. You were denied Entry, that is not visa. The question specifically wanted to know about your prior VISA application.

If asked in the interview, you may tell the same thing frankly.

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It´s just like getting up one fine morning and heading towards the US. They stopped you at the border and told you they can´t let you enter as you don´t have a visa. You said - oops, what is that? alright, let me go back and apply for one.

Now you are applying for the visa. you don´t have anything negative to report in your application.

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