Roy & the Gang plus the experts..Help me pls.

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Subject: Roy & the Gang plus the experts..Help me pls.
  Hi Roy and the Gang plus all the other experts !!!
2 weeks ago I applied for a TRV ( Temporary Resident Visa ) here in Japan. And the result came out today & i went home empty handed. I got rejected & I dont know why. The letter says I did not satisfied the Visa Officer that I will be leaving their country when I got there. I dont know why they thought of that. I have a permanent resident status here in Japan. I submitted all of the papers needed. Now im so sad cuz goin there as a tourist is the only way for me to be with my bf. He came to see me this year but it wasnt enough. We want to be together & we are even planning to get married. We thought itll be the best way that I go there then we get married. But our plan did not succeed.
Now, I want to ask u ...What is the best thing for us or for me to get to Canada ? Is marrying in the Philippines the best & quickest way ? We are not rich & prolonging this situation is really bad for our bank accounts. Please i need your help about this matter. We luv each other but its hard for us to be together. PAin,pain, pain...

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When you are invited as a girlfriend by your boyfriend of course they will think unless your very well established in Japan that you will not return to Japan.

You probably let them think you were planning on marrying in Canada and hence your not a visitor.

Sorry but it is not the answer you want but you may have said nothing but your attitude or body language may have let the cat out of the bag so to speak.


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If Japan accepts a proxy marriage marry him now and submit the application. Then write on your application that when you applied for a CVV you did so to marry him in Canada and submit supporting documentation to prove your relationship.


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hi roy, thanks for the respone. I dont know why they think that i wont go back to Japan because 1.I am married to a Japanese 2. I have a permanent resident status here 3. I presented a bank certificate with a decent amount to visit Canada as a tourist for 1 week. Although in the application I had no answer to the type of Job ..because i am unemployed.

Now, I am thinking that the best thing for us to be together is for him to marry me in the Philippines. THat means I am goin to ask my husband for a divorce. We are not in good terms anymore that is why I am havin a relationship with my Canadian bf.

Roy, is it hard for him to get me or the process of sponsoring me as his wife. How long is the process ? I know i have to wait while im in Philippines. Can u give me advise about this matter.thankyou...

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