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Subject: Questions about sponsor residing abroad
  I am a Canadian citizen who has been living in Asia for 11 years with no assets in Canada and possess an exemption from filing a Revenue Canada income tax return since 1996. I wish to sponsor my Vietnamese wife (marriage certificate) for permanent residence status in Canada. We have a 3 year old daughter who holds a Canadian citizenship card and passport. My wife is using IOM in HCMC to help with her application forms but I cannot find anyone to answer questions about sponsorship forms. I have talked to the Canadian Consulate and IOM and they direct me to CPC - Mississauga and the Canadian High Commission in Singapore - both of which are inaccessible by telephone or email for questions.

The CIC website is excellent for information but .....

My main question pertains to satisfying the financial requirements - what do they require as evidence of ability to support the applicant for 3 years? I´m thinking of setting up a bank account in Canada showing sufficient support? Does anyone have some experience or suggestions in this matter?

I am looking forward to your reply.

Have a great day!

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The laws of any country have to be based on common sense.

When sponsoring a spouse or a dependent child the sponsor does not have to meet the LICO Low Income Cut Off. Income is not an issue when sponsoring a spouse or a dependent child.. If the sponsor is residing outside of Canada (Vietnam) the sponsor (Frank) has to return before or on the same day the applicants arrive in Canada for Landing.

Lets see how long Uniden takes to find the section in the manuals. LOL

Frank you need to read section 39 of the act as well.

If you (like me) have lived outside of the Canada for several years you must have accumulated some assests that can be transferred back to Canada. If you have been employed in Vietnam you will be employed in Canada. You probably have delayed returning for some time because you want to maintain some standard of living your family is accustomed to.

They will also look at your spouses earning potential. I suggest the two of you get known in diplomatic circles. Most embassies have a pub night on Thursdays call the Embassy ask to speak to someone in the consular section. Attend Christmas parties or other diplomatic events in town.

I stayed out until it was time for my son to attend first grade. Been there done that.

Come on back and bring those girls with you.


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