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Subject: Sponsering my Step mother to Canada
  Hello everybody

i immigrated to Canada 4 years ago and about half a year ago i got my citizen ship here in canada, now my Step Mother lives back at home in Israel, and i would like to sponser her to Canada because she is all alone in Israel and has nobody there. I know that she has to be my "real" mother but i would like to know if there is any way i can atleast try to sponser my step mom to Canada.

any help would be very appriciated

thank you.

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Marianna for the last twenty years Canadian´s have been redefining the term family. How did this woman become your step-mother? Were you adopted, please explain.

The way I prefer is to get her into Canada and submit a Humanitarian and Compassionate application based mainly on common sense and on the fact that the government is causing unusual and undeserved hardship as well disproportionate hardship.

If step-mother is getting up in age and considering the current processing times of five years plus from all visa posts. Applying through Israel it currently takes 28 months in Canada (Mississauga CPC) then an additional 22-39 months your step-mothers application outside of Canada could take longer then 67 months. Check it out go to the main web site www.cic.gc.ca scroll down right side quick links processing times inside and outside of Canada and add the two times up.

I suggest you get her here and apply from within Canada H&C and check out those processing times as well normally 18 months. READ ALL OF INLAND PROCESSING MANUAL IP5 SECTIONS 5.26, 5.1, 6.7, 6.8 ETC

Read www.sponsoryourparents.ca and scroll down to see the sections of the act that Immigration is in violation for.

You need to hire someone REAL good at writing this type of application.

When step-mother comes over make sure she does not arrive with pots and pans or the kitchen sink. She has to convince them at the border she is only coming in for a temporary period of time.


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After my mother died when i was 9 2 years later my father married this woman and she raised me just like my real mother and since my father died 2 years ago she has nobody their and i have a lot of family back in belarus that lived with us and can give evidence that she was like my second mother and thank you for the reply
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