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I have worked one year internship as an "Applied Analyst" in IT firm. My duties match with Information analyst. So can I use that information in immigratio purpose? Because I can´t see the title of applied analyst.

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A job can have many names. It is a company´s right to internally name jobs whatver they like. If a company calls their "IT Manager" a "Janitor", then you are still an IT Manager, according to the defined duties of an IT Manager.

In your case, and to go the safe way, just match the description of your job with what is in the National Occupational Classification (NOC), and this is what will count for immigration purposes.

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..match the duties, that is, ..not the name of the job!


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is this internship part-time or full-time, if it´s not full-time, it might not be qualified.
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