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Subject: US Visitor VISA Validation
I have 10 years multiple entry US Visitor VISA. I never been to US since it issued before 5 months. Somebody told me that I have to have in US within 180 days to continue my US Visitor VISA- Is it true ?

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Are you asking if you have to use your visa within 180 days of issue in order to maintain validity of your US visa?

This is a lie!

The "someone" who told you that doesn´t have any idea about US visas, I guess.. In case of any doubt, consult before you act on "someone´s" wrong advice.
Rest assured, you visa will be fine for another 9.5 years from today :)

You can enter and exit the US as you please, whether it is in the first few hours since it was issued, or at the end of the 10th year.

You are still subject to verification at the point of entry (border), but your visa is valid from the date it was issued to the date it will expire, regardles when you visit, or if you visit.

Once you enter, you can stay for up to 6 months in the US, then you will have to file an I-539 form and request an extension of non-immigrant status if you wish to stay longer.



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Should be clear now.

No initial deadline to entry.

Also doesn´t mean that can stay upto 10 years in US either once entered, simply means can enter into US within 10 years period as many times as you wish. Your lenght of stay will be determined at the Port of Entry (1/3/6 months max) each time.

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hey i got the us visa for 1 year and it is valid from 16th july 2012 to 15th july 2013 ! i want to go us in may 2013 so is my visa valid ???

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