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Subject: how come...
I have received few query reply from ROY with some advice
and also Roys webaddress

I have send an email to Roy and I got no reply so far


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According to the "Rules", Chapter 13, Paragraph 17.9d, Roy was obligated to reply to your email within 6 hours. Failing to comply may put Roy in jail for a minimum of 6 months and an additional penalty fee of no less than $1,500.

Thank God there are no "Rules"!

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Bottom line is ´nothing is free´, what can you expect?
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114.72.24 - who exactly do you think you are to demand free service from someone who earns a living as a consultant. If you want service on demand... get out your wallet.
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Your e-mail must be in my junk mail so I will check who ever you are.
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That´s what Roy gets for being nice and helpful

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