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Subject: Medical Information
  Hi there,

I´m trying to get some information about the Medical Exam since some time but I was not lucky so far.

I have a medical problem with one of my testicles, and I am worried to start the process & pay the fees then get refused.

My question is: do they test them when doing the physical check up?


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I do not have the medical knowledge to answer your question, but as a first step I would contact one of the DMPs (Designated Medical Practitioners) that normally perform the medical exams, and kindly ask this question, even if it is for a small fee.

Just ask "I have problem X, do you think it could affect my Canadian PR application?"

You will problably get the answer on the spot and will be able to proceed with filing your application ASAP rather than putting your life on hold. Do not hide in a corner, go get the answer now. It will take you less time to clarify this issue than to post a reply to this forum! Go get it now!


PS - You can search for a DMP here:

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During the test, They took two tubes of blood, one for AID test, and another for STD test( sexual trasmitted disease), then, normal urine test plus physical examination, so if the urine test can not find anything about the testicles, you are fine.
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Whats the relationship of testicular problem to your immigration? If you are not HIV positive, VDRL reactive,Urinalysis is okay(your testicular problem will not show in your urine), your chest x-ray is fine and you dont have a disease that will result in Government expenditures in the future then I think you will be fine.
One step at a time, assess first if you are qualified for Canadian Immigration and the rest will follow.

Good Luck.


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they dont check it. See the basic fundamental is, that you should be healthy as in not in need of any kind of surgery or huge medical expense. because otherwise the moment you get your immigration you will want to get operated which will cost the govt. so that is the only concern, well apart form communicable diseases.
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Testicular examination does not come under routine physical examination. Have you got undesendent testicle? If that is the case they can?t disqualify you on medical basis. You are not going to be a burden on Canadian health system anyway. So just relax and go ahead with your application.

Hope this helps
Good luck

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Richard don´t know if this helps but I had my medical done in London UK. There they done the whole physical including the dreaded squeeze and cough thing on the testicles. As Wang mentions they also do the STD bloodwork etc etc
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