breakway, PPR.

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Subject: breakway, PPR.
On the twelve day of Christmas, the true love sent to me.
I received my PPR finally after two years of waiting.
I received PPR by email from Buffalo.

Everything is over, I am so glad.
I have lived in Canada for five years; I came to this country as a young student just turn legal drinking age with almost empty hand.

What I learn from these two years of waiting is always to keep optimism attitude. I have full time job and full benefit on salary. Nothing will be changed after I become PR, still same job, and same place to live. Beside I love my small town, the only thing I have to worry is not gun or crime, but eaten by grizzly or hit a deer.

I am still on my early 20s, I came to this country with ambition and nothing but everything starts from scratch. I am sunshine at 9o clock; I am a plain paper without too much anticipation but reality attitude, I could draw the most beautiful painting in my life of Canada!

I have blue time and depress while I was waiting answer from Buffalo. Ok, here is my experience. I did not submit RCMP check, neither I was inform if I need interview or not, I did receive medical form, that??s actually IA already.

Timeline: Applied Dec, 2004
AOR: March 2005
Switch work permit/employer : Feb 2006
Medical done: Sep 2006
PPR request from email, Dec 2006.

Background check was done in 5 days, of course I am very young, I moved to Canada since I turn legal age, so nothing to check basically.

Also I provided a lot of background information while I applied my PR.

Like newspaper about me,
Lost home and belongings on 2004 by grow op, community donated everything to me.
I start from empty.

On 2006, I save 2 kids from burning car, it was on Vancouver Sun too.
Those two pieces of newspaper I actually submitted to Buffalo too.

Most important thing, I think Nanaimo as a community-oriented place empowers me and never let me down, people here support each other. I feel Nanaimo as my hometown.

Today, it??s my life of breakaway.. bless everybody who is still waiting for PR.

Grew up in a small town
and when the rain would fall down
I´d just stare out my window
Dreaming of what could be
And if I´d end up happy
I would pray

Trying hard to reach out
But when I´d try to speak out
Felt like no one could hear me
Wanted to belong here
But something felt so wrong here
So I´d pray
I could breakaway

departure bay
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Wow, an amazing story - and a deep heart. I really appreciate that and your words spoke to me. People like you make Canada the great place it is. Welcome!
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You new life starts today. Congraturation!
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Congratulations n Best of luck for your new life..


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stop talking about your BS bear and deer walking on the street.. those are so naive,only in your imagination. you are just a 20years old kid, this is such a joke that you could receive PR.
U know how many professional people here like doctors, engineers, people here have more than 20 years working experience, you have nothing to show off here!!

I am tired of your endless quote, I don´t even believe half of your story. Still, this is so unfair. people have better education and work experience wait forever, you...
junk got PR!

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departure bay,

CONGRATULATIONS. You have been so patient,

Good Luck, and Stay out of trouble Okay?

Breakaway, PPR (in reply to: breakway, PPR.)
Don´t listen to Anonymous - who is obviously such a coward s/he can´t even include an "alias" other than anonymous - pretty pathetic! Some people appreciate the little things and others choose to complain no matter how much they have. Maybe that´s why they don´t get what they want. Whoever you are, Anonymous, we don´t need your poison here.
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I don´t believe there are bears walks on the street and eat people, that´s what he said.
He tried to scare 5 years old kid. Most of us are very mature person, he is so naive...
I mean why CIC let young guy came in?

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Congratulations, you are really a great person that Canada must be proud of.Anonymous i wanna say this for you and i apologize to all who are reading this great post.
Anonymous:Fuck off!!!

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actually, Anonymous... there are bears and deer. If your brain was as big as your mouth you would know that places like Nanaimo and Vancouver (in particular) interface with mountain terrain. Bears are a common occurance on the edges of these and other Canadian cities. As for eating people - DB never suggested they did... but if you know anything about bears - one swat with their paw can rip your face off. They will come back and eat you later. Hopefully, you don´t experience first hand DB´s ´imagination´.

As for deer - there are thousands of them because they do not have many natural enemies. Huge problem around the area where DB lives. Also a huge problem when deer and cars share the same road.

DB brings to Canada a willingness to learn, adapt and parcipate in our society. That makes him the best immigrant we could ever wish for.

As for you... take your maturity, education, and sense of justice and shove it up your ass.

Welcome to Canada DB.