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Subject: endless background check
i applied through PNP program last year, and in June my file was forwarded to buffalo office and a file number was received in the same month. then, they started checking my back ground without letting me do medical exams. I heard they usually start checking background after receiving medical result, but in my situation it´s been taking 6 months, and they´re still checking my BG, is it normal??

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I am a pnp applicant also and my bg checks started on the mid feb 2006 and finished on 11 nov 2006 so you must be patient cause these checks might cause some delays depending on certain factors.As soon as your background checks finish , your file will move smoothly and you would be in canada in less than one month.
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no need worry about BG check, this is the must have process for CIC, as long as you are not terrorist, just takes time.
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Thanks a bunch, Mike and Departure Bay..
That´s really comforting.

I??m currently working in Canada?? I just felt a bit unfair when my friends got their PR visa within 8 month time frame.
Their BG checks only take about 1~2 months, I think I have no luck at all????.

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