To DB and Sharon

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Subject: To DB and Sharon
  First to DB,

Finally you got it. I want to congratulate you. I was still coming to this site because I wanted to rejoince with you when you would have your PR. Every two or three days, I was checking to hear from you.

Now that it is done, I welcome you in Canada. With immigrants like you and with others Canadians, Canada will stay one of the best country in the world.

To Sharon,

The other and last reason for me to come here is to know if your guy finally got his PR. I hope he will get it very soon and that you will finally be together. Please let us know when it will happen. You have helped so may people, now is the time for you to be rewarded for everything you have done.

Worried husband
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thank you, Worried husband.

We are still waiting, but all is not lost. He managed to get a visitors visa and is due here the first week of January. Besides having a wonderful visit together, we will be looking at some job opportunities that will speed up his application.

It feels like forever and there are days when it simply becomes too much... but for now we are hanging in.

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thank you so much,Worried husband.
I am in Lower Mainland right now, prepare to go to skiing tomorrow. it´s very nice view here....

I am not quite sure if I read your story before Worried husband? hopefully you will be a cheerful husband soon. if my memory is correct, you are waiting your family class...

My memory is so poor today, tell you a story.
I met a cute girl today at Tim Houtons.
A cashier told me:" hey, you still remeber me? you help me jump start my car 2 years ago in a snow day.I still remeber you"

For some reason, she could remeber me, but I just could not remeber where I met her...
my memory is getting worse now.

Departure Bay
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I met my wife in China 3 years ago. I sponsored her and everything went very fast. She is been here for 2 years and everything is wonderful.

Your life since you are in Canada is so amazing that we could make a film out of it.

I understand that you memory is ... gone now. Who knows what will happen to you and to this girl. I hope the best for you. I imagine that 2007 will bring you everything you dreamed for.

Please keep on writing to tell us how you are doing.

Good luck.

Worried husband
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I am not too exciting yet..basically I figure out nothing will be changed even I have PR. same job, same place to live, might figure out when to buy a house and buy a rock for my girlfriend, maybe bring her to Vegas next year.
I still feel I am too young to have family, wanna screw around a little

Tell you a joke, I have never even told my girlfriend that I am on visa... beside, She grows up here in rural island of Gabriola, don´t even have passport, she won´t understand what´s going on here.
next mission is to tell my parents that I date a white girl. You know? my parents are traditional asian style, they are always aganist that.

"what? why you date a white girl again? why can´t you find an Asian girl?"

"well, mom, it´s very hard to find a Chinese girl on my island, we only have less than 120 Chinese here in my city."

Departure Bay
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