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Subject: SW experience sharing
  For those who do not know me, I just want to briefly introduce my whole SW Buffalo process.
I am current on two years post-graduated work permit status in Canada.

My timeline, AOR March, 2005
Switch employer/work permit, Feb 2006
Medical form received Sep 2006
PPR Dec 15th 2006.

Did not receive IA letter indicated if interview was waive or not, did not ask for RCMP check.

I submit original application, however due to employer changed; I was reassessed on May 2006.

My experience is CAIPS is not as reliable as you thought. I received my last CAIPS code 2 weeks ago, I could only guess how many points I actually got from comment by each officer.
Most of places still keep old information or not been updated. Only valuable information is BF date or in case you need interview and there might be reason, which is not my case.
No need to waste money to do RCMP check if you live in Canada and never been asked to do so.

Basically in Buffalo case, if you receive medical form, this is actually your IA. Sometimes they just do not even tell you your interview has been waived or not.

I guess my points of SW will be.
Language: 14+2=16 CEPLIP+French basic course
Work experience 1 year 15
Education: 20 Graduated in Canada
Age 10
Arranged Employment 10
Adaptability 10 study permit 5, work permit 5
Total 83 points.

Yep, Canadian work experience and college are my essential points, which more than people have offshore experience. I did only have one year work experience in Canada, that??s it. However, that??s all I need.

Make sure take language exam, that??s not hard at all, for CEPLIP, it??s all Canadian context, very easy to understand.

Employment record, as long as you submitted t4, paysub, reference, HR personal information release form.(in order for HR to release information to CIC). That??s enough.

I did everything by myself. Now my case is finalized, if you guys have any question regarding SW, if you think I might be able to help, plz let me know.

Departure Bay
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congrats !
wish I could find the details step by step process of the application !! I am gonna apply in Dec 2007 as a skilled worker with 3 years of experience. I am haunting for a successful specimen of application with names and other confidential info erased.

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I have never seen a ´specimen´.
DB is right, just think you are presenting a case before a judge - he has asked you several specific questions - now... answer them as if he is deciding your future!

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Hats-off to you DB. Life might get better now that you have the maple card. You certainly don´t need to keep addressing the CIC for work permits and that sort. If you are lucky, you might get better jobs. I know I got one within a month after I landed. And it keeps getting better. I jumped jobs twice for better pay. However, it is necessary to be careful not to burn bridges as you jump the hoops.
Right Man
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well.....no plan to switch job yet, since my current employer treats me with dignity and above industry income..even though I have lived in Canada for half decade, I am 20s.. so, there are a still lot of rooms to jump around or work all the way up instead of switch jobs too often...beside, where else I could go? Island Coast is the best place in the world, live with killer whales, boat, kite surfing..

I am looking forward to get citizen in short period since I have lived here for a long time.

departure bay
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Congratulations, DB, on finally getting it. Are you living on Vancouver Island? There´s a Departure Bay over there.
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