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  Sharon my clients have been waiting since June to be approved or denied a work permit after being removed from Canada through the Paris Visa Post. I shake my head every time I write that visa post.

The only good thing I can say about that visa post is that sometimes they actually respond fairly quickly. The first thing was send additional money for student visas for his kids that we deliberatly ommitted just incase they took the Principle Applicants money and said REFUSED.

Paris have requested some of the most unusual things anyone could imagine but for one month all requirements have been met but no decision. It is way over there normal processing period but I can´t dare complain because these clients are too nice to risk refusal.

Maybe sometime before the New Year my Portuguese construction family will be back here helping out with the severe construction workers shortage, PLUS your man will drive down to Blaine turn around and come back in as a PR without flying back home.

Wishing a great Christmas Season to you and yours.


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my best to you and yours too. Hopefully you will make that trip to the coast so we can have that coffee!

On behalf of everyone here at Canadacity - thank you for the time you spend helping us out with our various questions. I realize giving advise for free is somewhat counterproductive to you goals of earning a living.

Your ethics and your goodwill are to be commended.

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