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Subject: Tricky Question
  Hello all. I have a question regarding the proof of work. My wife is the primary applicant. When we applied she was working fulltime and already had 3 years of work experience. Then she got pregnant and took 16 months off and has been working part time since september 2006. We just receieved IA asking for additional docs which include recent work history. Is it gonna pose a problem that she took more than a year off and now is working only part time? My second question is that she is pregnant with our second child and the baby is due by the end of july 2007. Should we send a letter with the other docs to CIC stating her pregnancy and due date? Thankyou in advance for helping us out. We applied from Dubai to london office in December 2004.


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question 1:
all depends on if your total points is more than 67 or not.
if so, this will never impose problem.

question 2:
if your PR will finalize before that, and do not want to prolong your process, you could take a chance.
Not suggest to do so.

Departure Bay
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Thanx a lot Departure Bay, i did not completely understand your answer for question 2. We cannot complete the process cause my wife is pregnant and she cannot go for medicals when they ask for it. So should we inform them about the pregnancy so that they can send the medicals after the baby is born. I hope you can understand what i have to say.
Thanx again.

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You should inform CHC officer by writing a letler to them ASAP. They will reply and tell you what you should do next.
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I am refuge in Sudan & have sponsor process which has been started in 2004 it is in Cairo.
last October 2006 the visa section has been asked me to fulfill some documents then I have sent it by fulfill.
After I sent it I asked them if I can know the interview time but the respond of the visa section was not as my expectation The responded
was said that:-
Dear Madame,
Please note that your case is pending interview in Sudan. Interviews are scheduled in chronological order based on the date application received. Application was received on 26-09-2006. Interview might take place within 24 months from the date application received. We will contact you directly when an interview date is set.
If there is any change in your contact details, please update us so we can convoke you at time of interview.
Visa Section

It is shock to me because I have started it 2 years ago also I found from the website the time taking of the process in Cairo is as follow then I was waiting it based on this information
Processing Times at Individual Visa Offices in Cairo
30% of cases finalized in: months 20
50% of cases finalized in: Months 23
70% of cases finalized in: Months 26
80% of cases finalized in: Months 29
In opposite my process is going to take another 24 months generally will be 48 months how can it be?
I have asked also to get the solution but still no answer
Therefore, I am hereby waiting your kindness and humanitarian consideration to help me.

Elisabet Zewde
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How can I get the solution for my questions?
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