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Subject: Taking CAD $ to US allowed limit
  Hi there,

I am a permanent residence in Canada and I have a visitor´s visa to US. I am going to US for the Christmas vacations, I was wondering if there is any limit in the Canadian dollars with me when I am crossing the border because I am planning to take around $10,000 CAD cash with me crossing the border. If there is any other option please let me know.


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check with border agent, or call their 1-800 number.
wonder why you wanna do this, instead why not consider creditcard or even travel cheque? why bring so much cash to the states?

lol.. use weed money to exchange shotguns?
just kidding.

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Ignore the jokes.
No need to call anybody, just read the lines below, these are excerpts from the CIC website. There is no limit as far as the amount you can carry on you or with you when you cross the border, but any amount larger than CDN $10,000 must be declared at the border with the border officials on both sides:

Disclosure of funds

If you are carrying more than CDN $10,000, tell a Canadian official when you arrive in Canada. If you do not tell an official, you may be fined or put in prison. These funds could be in the form of:

- cash;
- securities in bearer form (for example: stocks, bonds, debentures, treasury bills); or
- negotiable instruments in bearer form (for example: bankers? drafts, cheques, travellers? cheques, money orders).

Personally, instead of carrying bundles of money with you, I recommend using a cash-less form of money, something like travellers´ checks. Such checks can easily be exchanged for cash at any bank, internationally.

Good Luck!


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The $$ amount you have to declare when you enter the US may be similar. Just say at the border that you are carrying amount X of cash with you and everything will be fine. They will not ask you any questions about the money, where it came from or what the intended use for it is, ..only the amount.


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