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Subject: Docs Send 22nd Sep -- NO AOR

We have send all the documents (which we gathered with lot of effort and pain) for Canadian Immigration on 22nd September and got a confirmation from UPS that it has delivered it to Canadian Consulate in Buffalo on 25th September.

Since then we are waiting anxiously to get our AOR number, but till now we haven´t heard back from Buffalo consulate.

I wrote an email to Consulate, asking about my File number, but they replied back that i should ask after 5 months from the receipt of documents.

I was reading from immigration websites and found out that majority of people get AOR number in 14-20 days.
Does anybody else has experience where there AOR number was delayed more then 3 months.

Any suggestions or advice will be greately apprecaited.

We are keeping oiur fingers crossed.


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if they replied saying five month, the only thing you could do is to wait for five month.

Back to Dec 2004 when I applied PR, it took all the way until March 2005 to get AOR.

Again, there is one way to beat system if you really wanna know your AOR file number..

When it´s close to 5 month, use your study/work permit
client number to check E-cas if you ever live in Canada on visa before.
you could find file number in that way.

again, no worries, it´s very common to see AOR arrived 4--5 month after applied.

departure bay
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...Even no AOR at all ... as in my case. Applied in Nov´2005 and no AOR till date (13 months!!)(may be missing in mail???).

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abey chutiyaaa intezaaar kar samjha.
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I will check that if they have cashed your money order or not. Hope that help.
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