how to apply for student VISA ?

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Subject: how to apply for student VISA ?
Hi every body ,

I need some information about Bechlor studies in canada.

I will complete my intermediate studies June 2008. After this i want to proceed my bechlor studies in canada in Software Engineering ( 4 years) .
As my elder brother is there in Montreal he got the Nationality of Canada 2 years ago.
Now i want to know, how should i apply for canada what requirements?
may be hard for me to study after intermediate ?

waiting for quick response from all respected friends ...


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Best start is here:

Good Luck!


I need help (in reply to: how to apply for student VISA ?)
Dear sir,
I would like to study Marketing or MBA in canada, I come from developing country (Egytpt) I wonder if you could kindly help me, I need to know if there is special programs or scholarship or any kind of financial support,I hope to hear from you ASAP
Thanks for your kindess and time

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