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Subject: Decision made
Hi All,

I have applied for Canadian PR from Dubai on Oct 2004.

Though I have not given my Medical Tests my E-Case Status says, Decision made, Medical Results received.

Any one having any idea, as what is happening


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Archu, can you please give me your email address? I´m applying from Dubai and I want to ask about something.
Thanks !... my email address is

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It seems to be a refusal but anyway wait and see what the decision would be.
best wishes,

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Quit guessing! Send an email to CIC NOW and ask about the discrepancy between the e-Cas status (that states that the medicals were received) and the real situation. Ask them to clarify your situation..
As much as they have received the medicals, they may have also made a mistake and updated the wrong case..
Ask your questions now, then act based on their reply! Maybe you have nothing to worry about, but maybe you can fix now something that is still fixable!

Good Luck!


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Hi All,

I have applied for Canadaian PR from Australia (a temporary resident at Australia), submitted the application with Sydney Office on 25 May 2005 and received acknowledgement stating that the application process would take 24 months to know the decision on my application.

Could anyone know what happens if I am moving back to my home country, whether the application made with Sydney office gets processed even if I move out of Australia ?

Please advice.



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