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Subject: Live in Canada while applying?
I am married to a Canadian citizen. We both live in South Africa together. I want to apply for spousal sponsorship. I want to know if we can move to Canada (me on a holiday/visitor visa), and apply from Cananda for spousal sponsorship, and just extend my visa from time to time? Thanks
Claire Renney-Dodds
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Claire in theory YES but...........

I have too many clients currently stuck in the states doing spousal sponsorships when they tried to come across the border and play house before the man would say those four scary words. Will you marrry me?

When you arrive at the airportin Canada what will you say is your reason for coming and will he act real macho and open his mouth? You risk a good chance of being put back on the same plane or you will get in as a visitor and all will work out okay.

Now he can sponsor you right now and the two of you can land together you as a permamnent resident in probably six months see Pretoria processing times and add a month for processing him as a sponsor through Mississauga Case processing centre.

He just has to return to Canada before or on the same day you arrive.




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