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Subject: Pregnant and worried
  Recently on this forum there has been many postings regarding flying while pregnant and having a baby while in Canada without health care coverage. I´m even getting calls from some nervous future mommy´s and dad´s. BEEN THERE DONE THAT!

Google the web and any site will tell you the second trimester is the safest time to fly. It will also tell you that some airlines won´t let you board if your 30 days before your due date and some seven days before your due date.

If the principle applicant lands first and leaves his spouse behind to give birth then the newborn has to be added if sufficent time is allowed. The process starts a new if time is not allowed as a spousal sponsorship/dependent child sponsorship average processing six months.

Health Care cost is an issue but not a major issue. Giving birth is not a new thing but granted a little scary the first time and everyone wants it to go perfectly.

The second the baby is out he/she is covered as a Canadian no three month residency requirement for the baby in any province.

Mommy is another matter.

In 98% of all Canadian hospitals mommy stays no more then 24 hours! Costs for a complete pregnancy OBG etc. including hospilization for me was approximately $3,000.00 and we had a birthing room (epidural sp) with a special side door spa-tub for mommy, theme music we could select, rocking chair, sports channel for Dad etc. etc.

People immigrating to a boom town (Calgary) just to have your baby will cost you more just to live there until the baby born then the whole birthing procedure.



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Thanks a million!!!

Not getting anything more to say. Roy, you just cleared most of my questions in one shot!!!

Just have one more question. gave some pointers to non profit clinics which gives care during pregnancy with no or minimal charges. Any thoughts regarding the same?

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I and others are in this business to make a profit, point taken, I hope. There are advertisements galore at the top of this page from some I respect and others I.....

There are plenty of government resources, volunteer organizations etc. COSTI settlement services helps new immigrants and they get grants from CIC and the various provinces. COSTI helps with employment as well and have an office next to me.

Look on the CIC site who the government is giving their money to regarding settlement and I suggest you contact those organizations but I do not know off the top of my head anyone that offers free or minimal charges for child birth. Might be worth looking into but I do not recommend things I have no first hand knowledge about. Never gave birth myself.

If your referring to this person safe home stay I don´t know them. Check out ever thing that is referred to you---buyer beware!


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This was scary!!.. I normally don´t open any threads about pregnant people, but when I saw that YOU started this one,.. it captured my attention :)
It kind of reminded me of the 90´s movie "Junior", in which Arnold Schwarzenegger was pregnant.



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How does immigration get affected if the husband is a Canadian Citizen and the mother is an American? For example, a chest x-ray is required for the health physical but a pregnant woman cannot do that. But, the child should have dual citizenship anyways once it is born anyways due to the father´s citizenship, right?
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