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Subject: Background CHK.
  Hello all, first of all i would like to thank you all for helping me out with my last inquiry. Would really appriciate if u can let me know as to how long does the background chk takes after the medicals have been received. I have applied from Dubai to London office. I only required police clearence from dubai police and FBI clearence. Thanx a lot.


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The bg checks is a legal requirement prior to the visa issuance and can´t be avoided.
BTW, the length of this checks varies between one region and another, but usually in london office it take between 4-5 months.Anyways, although it seem to be endless , you should be patient since it is only a matter of time and a waiting game.
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also depend on your ages, nationality, offices, time could be so dramatic. I think if you are young, single, should be very quick. it only takes 5 days for my background check while I have lived in Canada since drinking age.

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in my interview letter stating that FBI letter & homecountry BG Police clearance will be asked once when we check in in CIC LA. I haven´t done my medical yet. is that mean me & my wife have to be BG rechecked again (which takes 5 months). what a long long journey I have!
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Thanx a lot for your help. I really appriciate it.


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