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Subject: Visa expiried, getting married...
  Hi to all,

My VISA expired month ago and i am getting married to Canadian Citizen next week, this will not be a marriage just for the sake of getting the pappers.

My question is, what are the next steps for me to take in order to get the permanent residency?
I would do all i can just to be able to apply within Canada.

thanks in advance!

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You can do several things BUT (that big word) you really have to prove your relationship.

First thing is you can apply to reinstate your status if you wish to, cost $200.00 plus what type of visa you held.

OR you can apply for PR status with a spousal sponsorship being out of status BUT you really have to prove your relationship/marriage.

Niether of these options can be appealed! Do it right the first time and get stage one approved in EIGHT months and landed maybe in another year and a half or a little sooner.

Or you could submit outside of Canada at your own Visa post full Landing status in probably six months depending on Visa Post. If your denied or called for an interview you would have to attend your own visa post. Remember if you have been in Canada for more then six months you have to show proof of no convictions here as well. Name searches from a police force do not count but fill the gap a bit while your waiting for your fingerprint results.

Submit lots of photos of the two of you playing and laughing together. Get letters from his friends with their status docs attached who write how much a pain he is talking about how great he thinks you are all the time.

DO NOT take a photo of you in him in the bath tub together or worse. That says this is a bogus marriage.

Remember compassion is common sense.


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