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Subject: Applying for Citizenship
  Hi guys..

Im currently working through an apprenticeship here in the UK doing telecommunications and data networking, at the end of it i will have relaly good qualifications and a trade for life. I visited canada in july, (montreal to be exact) and fell in love with the country. I want to apply for permenant citizenship, however i am unsure as to whether i should do this now? or when i have obtained my qualificaitons? which would leave me with the best chance of being granted citizenship?

Many thanks


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1) It´s permanent residence you´re looking for. Citizenship comes after you´ve lived here 3 years.

2) If you don´t have a degree, you´re pretty much screwed as you won´t have enough points to qualify. Check out and do the assessment test.

3) If you don´t speak pretty much fluent French, forget Montreal. (I´m British and live here, so trust me, it´s harder than you think.)

I don´t mean to be rude but you might want to try Ottawa or any other city as they´re all anglophone and you stand a better chance. Immigrants can be trodden on here and even if you to go an English province and you don´t have a degree from a recognised university, you can pretty much forget it. Oh, and the waiting list for PR from the UK is 4 years. I´m not kidding, it´s on the CIC´s website.

The details are on the site I gave you, though, so that should be your first port of call.

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Thanks for that, ive done the test and i have more than enough points just as long as i do get the qualifications once ive finsihed so thats a good start (this was on the skilled works application), and i did french at A Level college so i know a fair bit but i was looking at an english province.

Anyway thanks for your help on this.

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Glad you have enough points and that you´re looking at an anglo province. If you wanted to claim points for French you would have to take a specific French test, unfortunately you can´t get points for an A level. Good luck!
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