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Subject: A bit of a tricky situation
I´m originally am a Canadian citizen, and that has yet to change I think but my family and I had moved to the UK, and in which I still reside, we are currently going through the process of becoming citizen, however because I was 13 when we moved, I had to move also but now that I am 20 I wish to return to canada to study and work. What process would I have to go through? I really hope someone can help me with this.

my email is Pacificahime@hotmail.com

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You say you "ARE" a Canadian citizen, and that has yet to change "you think". So are you, or are you not a Canadian citizen?

There is only mention of your intention to study and work in Canada. As a Canadian citizen you could do this any time you please.

Anyway, if you have lost your Canadian citizenship, there is a dedicated page on CIC´s website for resuming of the Canadian citizenship:

The really "bit of tricky" part of your posting is to puzzle it together. I can tell by the way you write that you are confused about your Canadian status.


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If you were born in Canada, you are a Canadian citizen. If your parents immigrated to Canada at some point and applied for PR and then citizenship for themselves and you, you are a Canadian citizen. Your post seems to indicate that they/you are "going through the process" of becoming citizens of the UK. If you have been granted UK citizenship, you will need to verify whether that affected your citizenship in Canada. I don´t know.

Assuming you are (still) a Canadian citizen, it will not matter where you have lived since the age of 13. You are able to come and go to Canada as you please - and work or study here freely. As a Canadian citizen all you need, I think, to "prove" you citizenship upon entry to Canada is your Canadian birth certificate.

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Uniden here is the section of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Immigration Act) that relates to Kin

I know who you are Uniden, you´re an applicant for PR as a SW through the Buffalo RPC but who is OROMUM? Is oromum David Cohen?

19. (1) Every Canadian citizen within the meaning of the Citizenship Act and every person registered as an Indian under the Indian Act has the right to enter and remain in Canada in accordance with this Act, and an officer shall allow the person to enter Canada if satisfied following an examination on their entry that the person is a citizen or registered Indian.

Right of entry of permanent residents
(2) An officer shall allow a permanent resident to enter Canada if satisfied following an examination on their entry that they have that status.


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I have just spoken to my parents and it seems that because at the time of entry to the uk, my siblings and I were on the same passport as my mother (this was before they had stopped such passport), and that I would need a british passport to travel, meaning I would become a british citizen. If that is the case what would happen to my canadian citizenship? It seems like the matter has become a little more complicated.

Uniden--Because our status in the UK is being dealt with, I do not know if I will still be a canadian citizen. It seems that resuming my citizenship is wat I might have to do afterall.

Oromum--That is my concern, whether or not I the process will affect my canadian citizenship.

But because I haven´t been back for years, what kind of proof would I need? What would I need once I am to start living in Canada again?

Thanks again

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Are you a born Canadian?
A birth certificate would suffice as proof.

Did you gain Canadian citizenship by other means?
I bet you have a copy of the certificate confirming your citizenship somewhere..

I belive that just because you were a minor when you left Canada, and that you were included in your parents´ passport, doesn´t mean that you have lost your Canadian citizeship. Would be very hard to believe the opposite. Why don´t you simplify the whole thing and call the Canadian consulate in London and tell them IN VERY SIMPLE TERMS about your situation. I always opt to keep everything as simple as possible.

We, the people on this forum do not know much about you, about possible complications and ramifications of your case, so.. we do a lot of guessing.

Good Luck! :)


PS - Who is David Cohen?!?

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No, OroMum is not David Cohen. Good grief, why would a man refer to himself as a "Mum"? I am so sorry, I didn´t realize I wasn´t "allowed" to post replies on this forum!
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