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Subject: in relation to Claire-Renney Dodds Q
  Kind of the same situation but more to it.
I´m British and my fioncee is Canadian. We have been together for 2years and have a baby who is at the moment, British. She is going to Canada now with baby to be with family and I´m going to stay and work for a bit to save for a flat and things till i get a visa or citizenship. And I´ve been advised to apply for a PR visa but it says i need to be in Canada for such an amount of time before you can apply.
Also I´m not sure if she can sponser me as she is not working and wont be able to for a couple of months because the age of our baby.
If I apply for a PR now it says at that site it could take 3-8 months and she and baby are going to be gone before then so will that be counted against us.
I just dont want to be away from them long, and I want to be able to work as soon as I land really. Is the PR visa the best way. or should i do the holiday visa, get married, then apply for PR??

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If you´ve been living together for at least a year and you have sufficient documentation to prove it, she can apply to sponsor you for PR immediately. It is best that you use an outside application as the processing time is much faster and you could be approved, move to Canada, and get to work immediately - all within a few months. You, as the applicant, DO NOT have to live in Canada for any amount of time before applying. Your wife, as a citizen, can sponsor you for PR even while she´s living with you in the UK. Spousal and common-law sponsorships are exempt from income requirements so it won´t matter that she´s not working - especially if you won´t be coming to Canada until after you have PR and you will be able to go to work to support your family once you´re here. CIC´s big concern with income issues is that new immigrants do not have to apply for social assistance once they get here. I´m not sure what you mean about the time away from each other "working against you" - if you mean it in terms of qualifying as a common-law partner, once you´ve lived together for a year it is understood if "circumstances" require you to live apart for awhile. That, in itself, will not threaten your qualification as a common-law partner.

My suggestion is that you get to filing the paperwork ASAP - the sooner you get it submitted, the sooner you two can be together again. Also you will be glad to know that there is no reason (immigration related anyway) that your partner cannot spend as much time as possible with you in the UK during the processing of your application. You could even come to Canada to visit as long as you´re careful to "convince" the IOs at the border that you intend to return to the UK at the end of your authorized stay - until, of course, you are a PR! FYI - another good discussion forum can be found at this link:

Here are the links to all the info you need to file an outside ap from the UK, the outside spousal/common-law application: And the region specific forms for the UK: Good Luck and get started!!!

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That is the best news i´ve got since my baby arrived. Thank you very much, I can´t tell you how much i appreciate this help. All the best to you mate.

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Ryan like all posters you want the best of both scenarios and that is not possible.

Ryan as I replied to Claire both options can be done, it is how they are done. Overseas processing is the desirable route because its faster and can be appealed if necessary.

The problem is your in love and worse you have a child that is now number one in your life, Dad. OROMUM failed to open his/her heart to that part of your post.

Children grow so fast and I doubt being a DAD that you could handle being away from the little one for almost a year. Your partner can fly back and forth but will not want to leave her baby behind just to visit you for togetherness every couple of months.

Ryan you forgot to include the 39 days that it would take Claire to be approved as a sponsor through Mississauga case processing centre. If your child is three months old you could miss his/her first word, first step, first birthday etc.


Oromum seems just too well informed.....

RYAN LISTEN CAREFULLY!!!! If you decide to enter Canada temporarlly as a visitor you should be aware of whom your going to visit and for how long and have a valid reason to return to the UK.

IF AFTER A PERIOD OF TIME one day or five months you decide that you want to live permanently in Canada and have a sponsor who is CDN or a PR living in Canada your spouse/common law spouse or conjugal partner can submit this type of application for permanent residency on your behalf from within Canada.

Every foreigner is suppose to have a valid work permit before commencing employment in Canada. According to the papers and Dr. Reitz of the University of Toronto there is somewhere in the amount of 400,000 undocumented workers in Canada. Immigration officers would rather you be working and supporting your child then your child´s mother being on welfare with you because you can´t find work or unwilling to work. See IRPA A39. No one will be found inadmissable to Canada for working without authorization if they are in a valid relationship according to the Immigration act.

Your partner could submit the overseas application now and delay her return to Canada until your approved BUT GrandMa and GrandPa will not like that.



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Ryan another thing you must understand that OROMUM directed you to another forum ran by a (can´t say anything negative) company/lawfirm.



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wow, i came on to get that site to print off the papers and start filling them in so i dont have to stay back in um too long, but now i´m lost.
roy, are you sugessting i should just go as a visitor, work and that would be ok because i´m in relationship and to the immigration act, well engaged with child, who is 4 months nows, will be 5 months when they go to canada.
all i want to do is stay with my family and be able to support them.
it seems if i do fill out theses forms i´ll be turned away at the customs desk in canada... what should i do???? how confusing

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RYAN Hind site is the best site of all.

While your partner was pregnant is when you should of started the process or before. Read on I normally have a better solution.

Now what to do? I being an authorized representative can not recommend you break the Immigration act. I do not hide behine a name.

The question you need to ask yourself is, am I a Dad first or a Fiance first? Immigration to another country is a very personal issue and it has to suit your own personal circumstances and no one can really tell you which way is best for your personal circumstances.

The better answers are on this message board and not other message boards, oromum. Why, simple answers by Sharon, Bill Uniden and others are based on facts and they let the person make the final decison on what to do.

If you have a great high paying job keep it and rent a room to save every penny for your child´s & families future while she sponsors you. But miss hugging your partner and child.

If your highly skilled seek out a Canadian work permit or get a holiday visa based on your age off the London UK web site which would give you an open work permit to Canada. Then you can work legally for any company while your partner and spouse sponsors you from within Canada. That way you would have the best of both worlds and would not miss your CHILD´S first step, first word, first everything.


Is it a boy or a girl and what is the name, DAD?


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Ryan, take it from a Brit who´s living in Canada as a sponsored common-law PR. If you´re under 35, grab a BUNAC visa in January when they come out (they go quickly!), come over and start work. If you have proof you´ve been living together 2 years, get the papers filed as soon as you come over for common-law PR and sit back and wait (and the beauty of this suggestion - work!) for the paperwork to be done in 8 months or so. Should anything go wrong e.g. it takes longer, you can file for an extension of your stay AS A VISITOR only after 12 months. You won´t have to leave.

If you´re not under 35, it´s simple, really. Would you rather be away from your family for 8 months and earning money (in which case, file from London - you can visit them in Canada, but for God´s sake don´t tell immigration at the airport you´ve filed for PR, just say you´re visiting friends) or come here on a visitor´s visa (ditto) and wait it out here with no work. I do think London is easier - take it from someone who applied in Canada - I applied Jan 05 and got FULL PR (not just approval in principle) in JUL 06. It´s a lot of hassle money and nonwork wise if you do it within Canada, and you can´t leave until the process is finished.

Either way, good luck to you.

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I´m so happy to see that so mcuh information has come in. Also my daughters name is Olivia and she is luckly beautiful like her mum and not me. Also I´m 22, which the BUNAC thing may not work as we only have proof documentation that we´ve been together for 1.5 years, although as of now its just passed 2 years and known eachother for 7 years.
I guess we should have filed for all this when Deb was pregnant but at that time the plan was to stay in England but we feel that Olivia will have a better life in Canada.
I dont know if I´d pass for a skilled work visa, I got great grades in school but my main thing is sales. You´re so much help Roy and I´m glad there is people like you out there making sure that we dont get led the wrong direction.

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Hi again,

BUNAC is still fine - you apply as a single person and can do pretty much any work (not medical). To apply for common-law you only need proof of being together for 12 months. Don´t bother saying ´I should´ve´ - the good thing is that you´re thinking about it now and still have methods and ways of getting to Canada! Forget the skilled worker visa, sounds like you might not get the points and from London the waiting list is far too long. Common law is the way to go, it´s just up to you if you want to do it within Canada or from London.
Take care!

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Roy ? Man, I don?t know where you?re coming from! First of all, I did not recommend the other forum to say that it was better, only to offer an additional resource to someone just beginning the process. There are quite a few forums available, and very knowledgeable people who post replies on several of them consecutively. The forum I mentioned has a search feature, which I find particularly helpful ? that?s all.

You asked, Who is OroMum? Well, compared to you, I guess I?m nobody. I?m just a mother who is immigrating to Canada from the States because I fell in love with a Canadian. You said I didn?t open my heart to Ryan?s dilemma about being separated from his child ? I most certainly did. I am a mother separated from two of my children right now ? I posted my reply precisely because my heart was touched by their circumstances, and I was hoping to give them some hope that maybe they don?t have to be separated ?forever? in order to accomplish this. However, unlike you, I didn?t make judgments about the decisions they feel they have to make ? I only tried to give them information that might enable them to make more comfortable choices. Geez, you even got into what Grandma and Grandpa would think!!! What do you mean I seem to be "too informed"? What the heck is that about? Maybe I misunderstood and questions on this board are only to be answered by you?? But I have to say that, for an immigration ?expert?, you displayed a profound lack of professionalism in this thread.

Ryan, if I said anything in my response to you that was misleading, I apologize. I?ve found this process to be challenging and sometimes overwhelming. Until I found boards like this I was on my own with only CIC to answer my questions ? and they advised me to do something that ended up separating our family. I only try to share what I?ve learned; I thought that was what these message boards were about. Apparently this one is about Roy having a forum for voicing his opinions about other people?s choices. I won?t come back.