Whoops, Uniden I got it wrong!

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Subject: Whoops, Uniden I got it wrong!
  It is not who I said it was Uniden it is Colin R. Singer message board which OROMUM recommended as a good message board.

I think the people who visit this site all know that City-Wide is the best message board for immigration issues (bar none) thanks to you and many others. Immigration to another country is a personal choice and has to fit the individuals own personal circumstances.

The correct answers here in City-Wide are you have this option or that option but be sure to do it like this and make your own choice based on what best suits you.


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Roy - this City-Wide, is there a link? I visit several message boards and learn something from all of them - I´m always open to new ones. The reason I like the Colin Singer board is that it´s very active, new stuff to learn pretty much every day. I know that there have been complaints in the past about some of the "attitudes" there, but recently that thisproblem has significantly diminished.
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Roy, Oromum,

I know that forum too, just didn´t know it belongs to a guy by that name. I have it bookmarked under its domain name. That forum is very active indeed, but "quantity" is not always equal to "quality". I think there is a lot of "background noise" sometimes, and the "attitude" is still an issue. But where do you find a 100% clean and 100%truly useful immigration forum? Short answer: "Nowhere!"
The amount of good information is directly proportional to the amount of people that visit a forum. But the same is also valid for the level of disturbance and junk postings.
The common denominator for all immigration forums still is the need for advice..


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