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My application was transfered from buffalo.Now, my question is that why they usually transfer an application.Is it a good sign?
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I know this question was addressed to Roy, but I will just give you my two cents as well:

There are two types of transfers:

1) Transfer from Buffalo to a local office within the US (i.e. Detroit, Los Angeles). This happens when the entire burden of processing is being transferred entirely from Buffalo to a local office. This is not a bad or a good sign, but statistically, an application transferred to a local office may experience a slight delay in processing, depending which local office your application has been transferred to. Some people say Detroit is slower than others, but there is no proven formula for calculating such delays, as they may be caused by a wealth of reasons.

2) Transfer from Buffalo, US to a different country. This is rare and happens only after CIC has determined that your application can´t be processed in Buffalo. Normally, such determination is made right at the beginning, when an application is received and it is being pre-assessed. But if it was accepted in Buffalo and this determination is made much later in the process, then this could be a possibility.

Most likely your application was transferred to a local office. If this is the case, nothing to worry. Patiently wait in line and remember that from now on all communication, inquiries, etc., is being handled by the new office. Any documents will have to be sent to the new visa office. Do not contact ayone in Buffalo any more and do not send any documents to Buffalo any more.

I am pretty sure you have also received a letter regarding this transfer. Read it carefully, the most valuable details are hidden in the lines you haven´t read yet!

Good Luck!



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