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  After reading through several of your posts to threads in which I had posted replies it seems that you had the mistaken impression that I was someone you´ve had a problem with (?) at some point. If I was supposed to formally introduce myself, I apologize. I have visited this forum regularily since last September, when I was finally allowed to re-join my family in Canada after being excluded because I followed the instructions of an agent at the local CIC office, went to the border to request an extension of my status so that I could apply for PR under common-law partner with my Canadian citizen fiance on an inland application. We were completely blindsided by an angry IO and, while I was "in exile" I found my way to this, and other, message boards where I´ve found a wealth of information. My attempts to respond to threads are only efforts to share what I´ve learned and try to help. I was not aware that this was not "politically correct", for lack of a better way to put it. For whatever I have done to offend you, I apologize - but I am not someone here to threaten you, or anybody else. I´m just me and I thought I could help. Again, I apologize - and I regret that there is no room for sharing experience here. I think shared experiences are a valuable resource, and, as you say, compassion is vital. I wish you the best in your efforts to help people like me.
Good for You Oromum (in reply to: To Roy)
Dear Oromum,
Don´t take it to your heart because someone told you that you are incorrect for one reason or another.
You see, Roy, he is a big mouth here because he runs immigration firm or works for immigration firm ( and all these postings and replies that he posts is because he is trying to get more clients.
On the other side is you Oromum who are trying to help people by heart answering questions and truly willing to help. Therefore, please don´t be thrown off by someone like Roy, there are many Roys in our lives that should not stand on our way while we try to help each other.


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I always read your postings, as much as I read anybody else´s postings to this forum, and I can tell that when it comes to certain issues you seem to have more knowledge than others. Thousands of books may have been written on immigration-related topics, the Internet also has (in my opinion THE BEST) information on this subject.., but experience is still the best teacher in life. After reading your lines today, I know where your "know-how" comes from. Honestly, I am glad that you share it with fellow "Wanna-Be-Canadians" like me, and I think you have been an active and very helping contributor to this forum.
I appreciate fact-based input from ANYONE, be it Roy, Sharon, you, or anyone for that matter. I have learned a lot about the Canadian immigration system lately, mainly from "insiders" like Roy, and I also feel the need to share my experiences and knowledge, though mine is more at a beginner´s level. Keep posting Oromum! If no one else feel like encouraging you to do so, ..I DO!

See you later! :)


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I have to disagree with you regarding Roy, but I am not going to argue with anyone, it is not my nature. Roy is a "Mega Contributor" to this forum, and you should know that regardless of the reasons Roy posts to this forum, his answers are always accurate. I haven´t seen Roy ask for money in exchange for advice, I haven´t heard of people that came to this forum to say that they "got screwed" by Roy, or that they were provided with misleading or false information. Roy is a great guy, I envy him for his knowledge and seek his advice now and then. Everything came for free..

If you had a business to run and a family to feed, then you would also look for "potentials" exactly in places where they roam. For an immigration consultant this forum is a great place to find potential clients. Nothing wrong with that, or is it?!? On the other hand, people like me hope for the presence of knowledgeable people like Roy in this forum, and THIS is the main reason why I am frequenting THIS forum. I am trying to tap into others´ experience and use it to succeed with my own PR application.

I am not going to write into this specific thread any more, but I would like everybody to know that I agree with Oromum AND with Roy. Both are great people and I look forward to see both posting here in future. I can only learn from both!


To Roy (in reply to: To Roy)
Thanks, everyone, for your kind words - and Uniden, I completely agree with you. I also appreciate finding people like Roy who have "inside information". I was just a little bewildered by his attack on my advice to Ryan in another thread. When people are really around to help - with heart like I try to - there shouldn´t be need for suspicion and hostility. Apparently Roy thought I was someone named David Cohen (a competitor maybe?) posing under the name OroMum. Maybe he thought I was here to steal business away from him and he got rather hostile and threatened. So then I wonder just how much "heart" is related to his postings of advice on these boards - that´s all.

That said, if you guys think I have something to offer, I´ll stick around. Maybe one day Roy will "see me" for who I really am and agree with you guys.

In the meantime, Merry Christmas to all here - and may all our wishes come true in the New Year!

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