Landed Yesterday !! Smoooth Landing !! :-)

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Subject: Landed Yesterday !! Smoooth Landing !! :-)
  Hello Guyz !!!

We landed Y´day We chose Niagara Falls as the Port of entry. It was really smooth !! Here is our detailed landing experience :

We started off the freeway 190N from Buffalo,NY to Niagara Falls in our rental car. We finally saw an exit which said in red "Last U.S Exit". We were a little tensed and took tht exit and drove some distance, ate some junk food ( no proper food at tht ) and came again on to the freeway 190N . This time we crossed the exit and went another 1/4th mile further and came up to something like a TOLL which said "Canada Customs". We came up to the Toll Booth Guy and I observed him wearing a Canada Customs Jacket. Luckily my husband was driving and the guy was at his side. I will tell you why I am mentioning this.
So the guy asked us why r we going to Canada...and me being the principal hubby turned at me...and I told him "For a Visit" with my damn cold and stuffy nose and pregnant brain and tht guy put a blank face at me ....and suddenly my husband looked at him and said...."we are landing today" in a loud and strong voice. I was telling my hubby luckily in a small tone...whispering ... "is he not from U.S Border" husband looked at me and said " he is the Canadian guy..." and then I kept quiet...and then the officer repeated "So u guys are landing tht correct" and we said "Yes". Haa...wht a relief to me...!! I was a real I not ??
Then he filled out a yellow form....during which he asked us how many days we r staying in Canada --- we week....until we find an apartment...and will be back to US....and pack our stuff and will arrive as soon as our PR card arrives. He asked us where we r going to stay and we said tht in Toronto and one of my frd´s place. He askd abt our Goods to Follow List and we said we r having everything prepared and prinout taken. He then gave us the yellow form and asked us to drive a little further and stop at the Canada Immigrations Building and meet the Immigration Officer. We did the same and we met the officer.
The officer took the yellow form, asked almost the same questions and took our passports, COPR and Proof of funds Cashier´s Cheque etc., and gave us another form which he stapled to our passports saying will be the proof of our PR until our PR cards arrive. We were thrilled and thanked him. Then he said ...tht we need to go to the next Block...which is Canada Customs and clear tht. He said Welcome to Canada and Good Luck", I was sooo happy...and said..." Thanks, and Happy Holidays" and he smiled at us.
We went to Canada Customs and man they were soooo cool...!! They were happy tht we had our detailed Goods to Follow List( Thnx for my hubby in preparing tht in detail with a lot of patience ) and they were busy doing the documentation while I was chatting with other officers like ...where Can i apply for my SIN ...good places in Canada for tourism...Niagara Falls entry from Canadian....blah blah... they were soo nice...may be it is Christmas time and they were all in a great holiday mood...laughing and smiling....finally they gave us a copy of the Goods to Follow List ...signed by customs and they kept one copy and declared our proof of funds...and let us go... gave us some Christmas candies....and said....welcome to Canada Guyz....enjoy !!! I was smiling and giggling all the while and was saying...thnx thnx...Merry Christmas ...Merry Christmas.... Happy Holidays !!

It was sooo cool....Frankly I didnt expect it to go tht smooth after reading a lot of landing experiences. Definetely Christmas is a good time for landing I guess :-)
We r put up in a Suite at Niagara and enjoying the beauty of the Falls and shows around even though it is raining...!!

I am sooo happy guys....and I sincerely thank you all...each and everyone....for your warm support during my entire process !!

I am in Canada !!!!!

Mamtha !!

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Hi Mamtha, congrats, I am so glad that you finally made it and have a new home now. I know you used to get a little tense thru the whole immigration process,especially when they did some mistake on you medical forms...
anyway good luck. I will be following soon.

One quick question, you said you will be back in the US for a week to pack in the stuff, do you have valid US visas
or you will return on the I-94 (extension) ? I do not
have US visa and would not want to go thru the process
of getting one stamped.. please let me know.


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Hi Mantha,

That´s cool. I have one question about your follow list, looks like you just go there for landing,then come back to US, i am going to de exactly the same as yours. Which kind of items did you claim during canada customer when landing? since you will come back to US, so I assume that you did not have anything to claim in customer, but provide a long list of items for follow list, is it correct?

Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year


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Hi Brian and Wang,

Thanks for ur wishes.

Brian: You need to have a Valid US visa, even if you have a valid I-94. Dont risk yourself without a valid US Visa to come back to US.

Wang: You got to claim everything in the Goods to Follow List. Including electronics, Jewelery, electrical appliances, furniture, kitchen items like spoons, plates, knives etc
Mention the rough number of items in each category.

Hope it helps.

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