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Subject: Indiscretion!!
  You know, I need to bring something to everyone´s attention (including the moderators of this forum): In response to a thread that Ryan posted a few days ago ("in relation to Claire Renney-Dodds Q) Roy posted a message in which he said this to Ryan:

"AND STOP REFERRING TO YOUR SON/DAUGHTER AS YOUR CHILD! Is it a boy or a girl and what is the name, DAD?"

As parents, my husband and I are absolutely enraged by this completely inappropriate question/statement - which, by the way, prompted Ryan to post the name of his wife, child, ages, location, etc., in reply!! I don´t care whether everybody on this board THINKS they know Roy, most of us really don´t - and he had NO RIGHT to demand to know the name of this couple´s child and to prompt them to post it on an open forum on the Internet. Two of my children were victimized by a pedophile so I know firsthand the pain and anquish inflicted on a family by such crimes. This was no less than a complete violation of this family´s right to privacy and safety and, in my humble opinion, Roy needs to held accountable for it. I would hope the moderators would at least strike the personal information that Ryan inadvertently posted in that thread.

Respectfully submitted to the members here.

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take a deep breath oromum.

over time (and as an forum oldtimer I can say ´lots of time´) we have seen people pose questions as traps, as spam, as an opportunity to be rude, as hooks to entrap any professional consultants into offering illegal advice. The immigration consultants industry is not as regulated as everyone might think.

Roy may or may not have made his point. I think he was looking for some humanity. Talking about children and spouses in the third party is often a tell tale sign of spamming. I don´t think Roy was looking for names and I don´t recommend our entire personal history be posted on this forum, but a name brings humanity to a situation.

I suspect Roy suffers from insomnia. He also had small children so he would never do or say anything to put a child at risk. Roy makes an effort to pass his sleepless nights by helping people - not just here but on a few other forums. I have never heard him solicit clients. On the other hand I have seen forum posters demand answers from Roy and get angry that he takes more than 12 hours to answer. I am amazed he bothers with us at all!

This forum is not always a safe place. the administrators work hard to keep the crude language and racists remarks to a minimum but they are not in the business of checking advice for accuracy. Roy will never offer advice that is not based in immigration fact.

I think we have had a moment of ´cross intent´. Let´s all take a breath and be grateful there is a place we can come to get answers, share our frustrations and pass the time.

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I agree. Let´s all focus on immigration issues and forget about all the bad stuff that makes other forums be bad forums.

Merry Christmas everybody!!! :)


Indiscretion (in reply to: Indiscretion!!)
Sharon - I agree with you. I also thought later about what I´d posted and wanted to be sure that everybody, including Roy, knows that I was not inferring that he might be a pedophile seeking info. My intention was not to besmirch anybody´s motives or character AT ALL, only to caution all of us to be aware that the info we post here can be accessed by anyone on the Internet. I think it´s important that we not only protect our own information, but that we never ask or encourage anyone else to divulge information about themselves - or especially their kids. I also think it´s terribly rude to make judgments or criticize anybody´s requests or responses. Nobody coming to a forum like this, whether to seek info/help or to offer it, should leave feeling personally criticized or attacked - and if somebody´s not up to being civil because they´re sick or tired or whatever, they should wait until they´re feeling better before they post comments.
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and a merry christmas to one and all,
Oromum you must be a bundle of laughs around this time of year! Talk about jumping to conclusions!

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