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Subject: Questions on Immigration
  Hi! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all !!I want to apply for Skilled Worker category. I have browsed the official immigration and other related sites of CIC.I have few queries.Can anyone please help me ?

Q-1. My biggest problem is to find out the appropriate occupation title from NOC.From Dec 2006, I am working as Content Editor(Full Time) in a Research Org. Before that, from July 2002 I worked as Assistant Manager,Publication (Full Time)in a company.I am also working(part time)as a Translator/Transcriber in the biggest NGO of my country for last 4 years.With all this, I am a bit confused to correctly identify my occupation in the NOC.Will it be 5122-Editors,0512-Manager Publishing or 5125-Translator ? My educational background is Bachelor and Masters in International Relations.

Q-2. My aunt has recently recieved her PR card. She has now come back to the country (Bangladesh)to arrange things for her final departure. Her husband is a canadian citizen who is also residing in Bangladesh.What are the documents necessary to prove my relationship with my aunt ?

Q-3. My common-law-partner suffered from jaundice(Hepatitis) a long time ago. He is now HBsAg positive. Will this create any difficulty in the medical ?

Thanks in advance.Anticipating some replies.

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