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Subject: Interview
  We have received a letter from Canadian High Commission in London saying they have reviewed our application and asked us to attend interview in London.

My question is can I ask them to schedule an interview in Doha, Qatar (where we live & work) or in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Also can anybody share there experience if they have attended a interview or is there a web site from we can get some information with regard to interviews.

Thank you.


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Hello salma, sorry but i cant answer any of your questions but i would like to know your timeline since i have applied to the CHC london from dubai and i am still waiting for a responce.
Thanx a lot and best of luck.


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Hi salma
Are you from qatar? Last month, i had my visas stamped from london. Iam working in Raslaffan for Chiyoda.

CIC abudhabi does not conduct interview for skilled workers. I can give more details, if i know your exact ststus. When is your interview scheduled? I would advise to get CAIPS to know where you stand. If i have your local number, i can call you.

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ME - We applied in August 2004.

Anonymous - Did you face a interview? Pretty nervous about it. In the past CIC use to interview in Doha on request when ever they were visiting the area, just wanted to know is it still in practice.

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Anonymous - You can touch base with me on
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Hi Salma I applied as Skilled worker on CHC London thru a lawyer here in Dubai, I had my interview last March 2006 in Abudhabi Canadian Embassy.I beg to disagree with anonymous,Canadian embassy in Abudhabi do conduct interview for skilled workers.
By the way I landed in Vancouver last 8th Dec,now I´m just waiting for my PR card.We were told by the immigration officer that it´s gonna be mailed to us in 6 weeks time.
Feel free to ask me if you need help.

Good luck!

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Hello Angel,

Thank you for the info, thats what even I thought. Can you give your email or drop line on
so that I can email you.

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