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Subject: Interview in buffalo
  Has anyone went to an interview in buffalo or has an interview for 2007 in buffalo.

mine is for january 20th. just wanted some feed-back.

they sent me a letter stating that i have to bring passports, education, employment in form of tax,pay stubs and also birth certificate.
in the letter it states that i have to plan to spend the whole day in buffalo!!! is this some kind of 4-5 hours interview
They have everything my medical and rolf

I appreciate your feed-back

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Hi ,

JJ there so many people will attend interview at Buffalo,
Please check this site

and look for thread "Interview Call or Interview after Waiver+Medicals"

as i know you will see plenty of information hurry up.

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whats your time line...
explain when did you get IA and interview letter and what the E CAS status saying ?

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