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Subject: decision made-but moved countries
  hi guys!
thank god i stumbled onto this site...merry x mas and a very happy new year to one and all!...if someone has some advice on my case would really apprecite it...i applied for residency from the hong kong office in 05 and got "decision made" in march this year...all my meds/PPCs are the predicament is in jan this year i moved countries and jobs and didnt infrom the CAD immigration in hong the correspondence from them stated that one cannot transfer a case over for at least a year of staying in the respective new abode (which happens to be dubai)...this coming jan 07 will be exactly a year in old office in hong kong has been very kind to handle all correspondence on my bahalf and forwards me mails my questions are
1> should i be patient and wait it out till the CAD immigration sends me a letter...since its a decision made..thing is they havent yet send me any correspondence since that they take that long (6-8 months)after they post decision made?
2>what is required by me after the "decision made" comes up? the CAD authorities send you a letter stating that i should send in the passport for stamping?
3> should i declare that i have moved countries as soon as its jan´07.

any help on this matter would be really really appreciated!!!!!
thanks so much


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