Mothers name absent on BirthCertificate !!

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Subject: Mothers name absent on BirthCertificate !!
As per Uniden´s suggestion, I got my birth certificate done from my home country.

They didn´t have english "printed" format, so they made it on plain white paper with Rubber stamp of the Counsil.

Now my questions are :-

1> Whether this certificate on plain paper, made by Counsil will be considered valid? [It has got created date 27-Dec-2006 and rubber stamp.]

2> My BirthCertificate doesnot have mother´s name printed [as according to them they didn´t have mothers name in their records [AS THAT WAS NOT MANDATORY THAT TIME...STRANGE BUT TRUE..]]... So Mothers name shows ----- in the certificate. Will that cause me a problem? [My passport has got mothers name printed.]

Roy , Uniden and Experienced friends on this issue. Please reply...

I´m in tension :(

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It´s important friends... Please Reply me ... I´m waiting for your replies.
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Any visa post is very familiar with documents from their own area. If this is a normal or repeating occurance in the country your from they may ask for other documents like school registration etc. to show a link between you and your biological mother.

Hang in there Lucky & :)


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Sorry, I am not that much on the Internet these days, as I dedicate more time to my wife. I will be back regularly after 1/1/2007.

Just submit the certificate the way it is. As Roy said, the immigration people are indeed familiar with this type of document from your country, and it is certainly not the first time this occurs in their lives. If your certificate is not in English language, have it translated by a certified translator.

My birth certificate is entirely missing the serial number (the equivalent of the US Social Security #), since it is a duplicate certificate. My entire file, actually my entire identity in my country´s computer system has completely vanished in the 80s due to "an error", as I was told. Thank God I had a few paper documents to prove that I was really a citizen of that country. I worried to death that this would negatively affect my application, but I was wrong. It was accepted as it was.

What I am trying to say is: File your certificate as it is, quit worrying too much and let the officials decide if something else is needed from you as additional proof. You have already made the most important step, which was to get your certificate from your country.


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Thanks Roy and Uniden !!

Thanks Very much !

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