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Subject: Student Visa & Other Questions

Here´s background information. Me and partner have been in a long distance relationship for 3 years. He is from the U.S and I am from Canada. He has now decsided he wants to go to university here.

Student Visa Questions:
1. What does he need to do now to start applying for a student visa?
2. How long does it take after he gets accepted to the university?
3. What are the chances that he will get the visa?
4. What costs are going to be involved?
5. Is there docmention that I have to fill out at all, as he will be living with me.
6. When should he start the process?
7. Is there anyway he can get finaical aid or something to help him study here in university

Other Questions:

1. What happens after he is done studying and decides he wants to stay in canada?
2. We want to get married and have a family, what are the steps we need to take to adavage that while he is studying
3. Do we have to get married while he is studying here? Can we? What would we need to do to get married
4. What does dependent child mean? Does he fall under that at all?
5. What happens if his mother decides to move to canada with him and stay as well? what forms would need to be filled out for that
6. Is there anyway we/I can do to spend up the process.


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