Studying in Canada followed by immigration.

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Subject: Studying in Canada followed by immigration.
  Good morning.

I am a Russian Federation Citizen.
I have finished Bachelor´s degree in Chemistry in United States (with High Honors).

I am applying for Graduate Study in Canada at the University of Alberta.

My question is: Will I be able to immigrate as a skilled worker upon finishing the study?

I have been at and have taken the test.

Education will give me 25/25
Language will give me 16/24 (High Proficiency English, No Proficiency French)
Age will give me 10/10
Adaptability will give me at least 5 (completed Graduate school in Canada).
The total so far is 56.

The passing score is 67. So, it all depends on what I have for work experience and arranged employment. I plan on being a Teaching Assistant during my study (in fact I am in US Graduate School right now and I am a teaching assistant there). says that Post-Secondary Teaching and Research Assistantships are considered work experience. However, I want to double-check on that since I am still a bit confused (or should I say woried - can never be too sure) regarding Teaching Assistanship status.
If it is considered, I would get 21 point (I expect Graduate study to take at least 4 years, also I will have 1 year from TAing in USA) which will push me beyond the cut-off.

So, will I be eligible for Permanent Residency upon completion of Graduate studies?
Will I be allowed to apply for Permanent Residency during Graduate Study (if I end up with enough points of course.) My visa will not prevent me from immigrating, right?
If it is necessary, will I be allowed to get a part time job (any job) to get the points? In USA, I am not allowed to take any job outside university.
Provided I become a Permanent Resident upon completion of my Graduate study, will I be able to apply for citizenship shortly after (I am not planning to move anywhere from Canada for more than a couple of weeks once I become a Permanent Resident.)
If I decide to have dual citizenship, how much power will Russian laws have over me as long as I am on Canadian soil? Note: I am not talking about anything criminal. I am just not 100% sure about stability of Russia.

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Privet Nikolai

Any student after attending classes for six months can get an office campus position and if you are admitted legally for one year you can apply through the Buffalo Regional Processing Centre.


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Thank You, but my main questions are:
Does the time I spend being a Teaching Assistant count towards the Work Experience?

Will I be allowed to apply before I finish Graduate School is I have enough points? (Will this be prohibited by Student Visa) Or do I have to finish my studies and then apply?

Having a US degree, will I have to take English proficiency test(s) or will the fact that I got US degree be enough?

Will I be allowed to have an off-campus part time job while I am a student?

Will at any point I be required to leave Canada?
I would prefer not to leave.

Once I become a Permanent Resident, how hard wil it be for my relatives to get tourist visas to visit me?

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