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Subject: BUNAC and afterwards
applying for my BUNAC soon, after i send this off am i guaranteed a working holiday visa?
Also, it only gives you 2 options of cities, montreal vancouver and toronto, what if you wanted to go to a different one? It all sounds a bit school trip-y to me, with presentations before you fly and when you arrive etc. Cant i just gt it and then do what i want?


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1) Pretty much, if you fall within the age categories and there are enough visas left (there´s a quota, I don´t know how many but in Jan you should be okay).

2) Montreal, Toronto and Van are in fact 3 cities, not two. ;) There are no presentations before you fly (no obligatory ones, anyway - I did BUNAC and didn´t have that), but you have to go to a welcome once you´re there. The orientation really does help. The reason they give you those 3 options are because that´s where the work is. Canada is pretty rural in places and it´s highly unlikely there will be much in other places. I don´t know what you do if you want to go to a different city - ask BUNAC?! - what were you thinking of doing in Canada?

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you can work anywhere you like. those are the only 3 cities where they hold the orientation meetings. After the meeting you are free to go anywhere you like and work. I know quite a few people who went to Whistler.
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I went to Ottawa on my Bunac Visa and when I called the SWAP office in Montreal (where the orientations take place) they told me I didn´t need to go to it, and just told me what I needed over the phone. I then had to fax some forms to them for my Social Security number and that was that. So if you want to be somewhere other than those 3 cities give BUNAC/SWAP a call and they will probably be happy to help you out.
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