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Subject: self employed application while in canada
  A long time ago I lived in Toronto on a temporary residency visa and have always wanted to go back. I finally did and have been back a total of 4 times. All of them as temporary resident, and each time I feel stronger and stronger that Toronto is where I want to live for the rest of my life. I love the city, feel happy, calm and productive there.

I run a business in UK but most of my clients are North American paying North American prices. Living cost in UK is high and there is no way I can charge my US clients UK prices. I´d be much better off living in Canada doing that.

I know I can go as a business visitor. My understanding is that I can carry on doing my business (which is websites and marketing for the entertainment/arts industry) out of Toronto as long as it is my UK company that is paying my wages. Does this mean I could also hunt for new contracts and invoice them through my UK company while living and working in Toronto?

Another question I have is while out there as a business visitor: can I apply for PR as self employed? Last I was over an immigration laweyer who gave me a free half hour basically adviced me to not return back to UK at all and instead go down to Niagara Falls or Buffalo and apply straight away. According to this lawyer I have enough reasons to be granted a PR as self employed. On the scoring grid of skills I score almost twice the required points.

Has anyone here actually entered as normal tourist and then once inside gone across and applied for a PR and did it work?

Any advice is much appreciated.


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All business applicants only require 35 points so I hope you scored more then twice the number. Go to to Immigrate----business applications----self-employed. Read the definition of self employed and ask yourself if you fit to the defintion.

Again go to the click on the blue box policy and regulations, then click on the Immigration Act scroll down and click on the regulations and read regulation 11. Visitors or temporary residents who have not been admitted legally for one year can NOT submit in any other visa post other then their own.


Yes, score more than 35. (in reply to: self employed application while in canada)
Almost 70. And I do fit the profile.

However, I find no Immigration Act under Policy And Regulations and no bullet no 11. with your quote. Even searched it.

Can you post a link?


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The information I posted was correct and there. You might be better off considering some type of PNP business application that some one else would partner with you and your company. Far faster processing times.


Thank you Roy (in reply to: self employed application while in canada)
Very much appreciated. I´ve looked in to PNP but my understanding is that you have to stay there for a while unti you can move on to where you want to be.

Also, all this information (spent three days reading sites now) is starting to blur. I now found on the CHC London website the following about simplyfied application:

Most applicants will qualify for the simplified application process. You must use the simplified application process unless you:

*are a provincial nominee; or
*have been selected by Quebec; or
*are eligible for points for arranged employment; or
*have a legal temporary resident status in Canada as a worker or a student and are submitting your application at the Canadian visa office in Buffalo; or
*have a legal status in the United States and are submitting your application through the Canadian visa office in Buffalo

Bullet number four is the confusing one.


Anyway - thank you thank you thank you. Been trolling here for a day or two so have noticed how much time you spend on this place.

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