Got Married..Will I update my application?

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Subject: Got Married..Will I update my application?

I launched my application last 2002 and got my Filing number last 2003. So, it was quite some time that I am waiting for reply from the embassy and until now no notice so far...

Late last year I got married. What I would like to inquire is whether will I update my application (i.e. my marital status) or let it be as it is? Since my concern is it might just prolonged my waiting time? And my plan for my wife is, I will just file a petition for her when I have already landed and settled in Canada. A number of my friends were suggesting me the same thing and according to them when im already there, it will only take 4-6months to get my wife here in my country. However, a number of my friends also suggest that I should already update my application so that when i left my country I will be able to carry my family as well.

Please advise what will be my best move now in terms of my application and my marital status...


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you MUST notify CIC of your change in status. If you do not - you will be prohibited from ever sponsoring your wife. EVER!

currently you are misrepresenting your status - that is enough to have your application thrown in the garbage.

well meaning friends can often be stupid friends.

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You MUST inform CIC about your new status. If you fail to do so you will be refuse of entry into Canada. If you deny that you are married at the port of entry , once you try to sponsor your wife this is what´s going to happen:

You will be refuse to sponsor her FOR EVER.
and CIC will go after you PR and it will be revoked for misrepresentation and you will be removed from Canada.
(CIC report 44)

Is it worth it?

Do not misrepresent your self.

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I did a little bit research for you!!!
One of the member of this forum had experience on this!!!
check the following link

Got Married...Will I update my application?? (in reply to: Got Married..Will I update my application?)
Thanks for all of your advises!

Ok. It seems that I really need to update my application.If ever I will update my marital status, will I have the option to choose if I will already include my wife in the application (as immigrant) or not? Its not that I dont want to be with her in Canada...its just that Im afraid that including her in my application will just prolong my waiting time...

Or will it really BEST as well to include her in my application...

Hope you could shed light on this inquiries....again many thanks for all of your advises!


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