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Subject: My niece got Stuck
  Hi, My niece got married last year and after almost 9 months wait she got her immigration and only 1 month back she landed canada. In few days both husband and wife developed some differences and my niece decided to go for a divorce. We advised her not to come back and stay in Canada but being alone she is very scared. Anyhow, my question is her PRC would be delivered in a week or so. Can her husband harm her immigration process if so how?

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No the husband can do nothing. Your neice was assessed and found to be in a genuine relationship and was landed.

The problem is that some marriages fail and it is a fact of any culture. Most failed spousal sponsorships are due to the fault of the sponsor she/he thinking their partner should behave a certain way. Or expecting the partner to change their cultural ways overninght.

Your neice if she sponsors anyone in the future will be looked at as a person who entered into a bogus relationship and will have any future partner application really assessed.


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Thank you so much for your prompt reply. Really appreciate it.

The thing is that her husband is forcing her into divorce by giving her mental stress. Even he forced her to write to her parents that she is involved in extra-marital affairs and he very clearly said he wants this coz he doesnt want her to claim any money in future from him.

Sir, what would be the best way out for her under given circumstances. Should she initiate the divorce?

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If I might humbly add a reply - your niece needs to know that she has every right to initiate a legal separation or divorce action against her abusive husband, and let her attorney deal with the jerk. The attorney will tell her what to do and what she is entitled to by law. Provincial law makes a determination regarding whether or not she is entitled to support in the marital issue once a petition is filed. The sponsorship agreement only says that her husband is obligated to repay Canada for any social services that she may receive from Canada over the three years after she landed as per the sponsorship agreement he signed. That stands even if she had had extra-marital affairs or had left him high and dry and run off. She needs to NOT be intimidated by this man and she needs to know he cannot have her deported. If he is being physically abusive she should call the police and have him arrested. She should check with women´s crisis agencies in her area for legal resources that are available to her in this situation. She needs to stand strong - as scared as she is - and not let this man abuse her anymore. Please encourage her to get in touch with immigrant support or women´s crisis services right away and get some help.
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I agree with oromum but Uncle is there any family friends here who could be of assistance? Can you be of more assistance? Help your niece, get her out of there, situations like this can lead to much more then threats from either party.

This seems to be an issue of power and control. The partner whether or not male needs to know that they do not control all of the cards.

In one month your niece wants a divorce! It always takes two to argue but something is very wrong here. Who is at fault is not the issue.

Possibly a divorce is not the best option at this time but seperation to cool things down seems very important.

Most family courts have a mediation personel and there are so many support groups the information is readily available on the Internet. Google Family courts for the city and province where your niece resides.

Prey for peace between them and for reconcilleation.


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Give me a break! A marriage that ends as soon as you land! sounds like it was a marriage scam so she should could get PR. It can´t be a real marriage if your separating within weeks of arriving! And don´t use the abusive husband BS to hide your bogus relationship!
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