Goods to follow and medical issues

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Subject: Goods to follow and medical issues
  First off, again thanks to Roy and other lawyers here who spend their time giving free advice.

When it comes to "goods to follow" I don´t plan to bring much. I have moved countries before and there isn´t much I want to keep. Mostly clothes, CDs DVDs etc. One thing that is a goods to follow is a rather big one. It´s a horse. Does that qualify as "goods" or does that go as something else? When I brought the horse from one country to another I wasn´t present for the re-issue of his passport. It now has my mother´s signature as owner, which is fine by me. Would this cause any problems?

As for medical issue: I have endometriosis. Mine is totally under controll and hasn´t caused me any problems in the past 8 years. Could this condition prevent me from being accepted?

Thanks in advance to anyone who may know.


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