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  Hi there! Currently, I am about to send my documents for PR application in buffalo but I have question though. I am currently holding a work permit which will expire on March (but my employer renew it every year), is it ok to just submit the photocopy of my current working permit for my PR application? I also submitted my new contract from my employer. Do you think I won´t get any question on my application and how long do you think it will be processed? One more question, I am kinda interested as well of applying for new employer while my application is on the process is it ok to do so? In case I change my employer, should it be ok to submit the changes to buffalo for my PR application? And when you change the employer, is it ok to apply for new work permit?

Sorry guys, I have alot of questions I guess but I appreciate any response. I just want to settle my life here in Canada as I already love this country. By the way, I´ve been working here for more than 2 years.

Thanks alot and have a great day always!

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