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Subject: additions to application
  Hi there, i am a uk citizen who is applying to stay on a spousal sponsorship from inside canada, i sent my application in at the end of october, i have not recieved conformation that the case processing centre has recieved my application, i did not send it xpress mail, if i phone the cic helpline will they be able to let me know if the application has arrived even if they have not begun to process it yet? Also the tax information i sent in for my spouse (a canadian citizen)was related to his uk tax code, from when he was living with me over there, we are about to fill in his self assessment tax forms for the work he has done since arriving here this year, is it possible to make an addition to an application once it has been sent to the vegreville processing centre? I feel this extra info will help our case but it was not available at the time of sending the application off. Also when i applied for permanent residence, i hadto apply to restore my status with dual intent, this extension if it was granted should be due for renewal by february 20th but i have not even heard whether the original restoration of status was accepted, should i apply for the extension as normal even though i´m not sure if they have given me status to extend yet? Just one more thing, i have applied for permanent residence from an address in Ontario, however next summer we are hoping to move to the Vancouver region, if my application has not been fully processed and accepted by then, is it ok to move while it is still being processed, or would u advise to stay put until the application has been finished and accepted? Any help would be hugely appreciated
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