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Subject: Second Marriage!

Originally, I am from India. I was sponsered thru my first husband 5 years back from now. It has been three years now I have got divorce with my first husband. Now, I married with differenet person in india.
My question is filling my husband case what extra information I have to provide regarding my previous marriage? Is it more likely I would get interview call? what factor I have to consider before applying?

I would really appreciate any help or inputs. Thanks


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Hina - I am the applicant in our case, but both myself and my sponsor/husband were previously married. So, you will have to indicate the name and address of your former husband where it´s asked for on the sponsorship applications - and information regarding when you were married and when divorced. You will also need to include a photocopy of the certificate of your divorce.

Whether this will likely mean you will have an interview remains to be seen but I would think it´s a good possibility because of the fact that your first husband sponsored you to Canada.

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I suspect CIC will spend a little extra effort to determine this relationship is genuine and that your first marriage and divorce was not part of a immigration scheme.

you may want to invest some energy into a bit of an explanation about the end of your first marriage and lots of evidence about your current relationship. I would mentally prepare for an interview - just so you are not caught by surprise. They may not... and then all is happy!

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